Denali-Alaska. One of the coldest places on earth. The north face approach by way of the Muldrow glacier lies remote and fare away in wintertime. Here we will battle the ice, snow and high winds, breaking trail across the alaskan tundra. Crossing the ice falls our route will pass along, Karstens Ridge and the Harper glacier to Denali pass and finaly the summit. Our small German team will traverse the highest mountain on the North American continent alpine style.
Distance approcimately: 61 miles/ 134 km.
Vertical ascend: 18.000 ft/ 5500 m.

A great mountaineering route – at the end of winter, self supported, lightweight and effective pursued by two courageous German alpinists.

Our small team of Sylvia Montag and Mike Fuchs is ready for this traverse.


Sylvi Montag Kawina: alpinist, athlete and physician
Base Camp: Tacoma, Washington – USA

Following the stars into the alpine world. Simplicity,freedom and blue ice fascinate and inspires her to keep moving.
Nothing is impossible – if the mind can imagine it.



Mike Fuchs: photographer and adventurer.
Base Camp: Berlin, Germany

Mike is living for the extreme and got the balance for family and expeditions in the polar regions. Strong partners, staying calm, creativity and a smile will push him to new limits.


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