Position: directly under Karstens ridge. 3300 altitude.
Yesterday we got a lot of snow in our way up to 3000 Meters. It was very difficult to find the way. We had to go a line next to the dangerous Stone and icewall. This was a Risk Route but much more easier than crossing the great icefall. sylvia has met a crevasse from inside and it was not easy todfeind enough power after 4 hours of going straight up to get out of the Crack. We found a place to Camp at eight in the evening. Today, we triefte climb up to Karstens ridge, but when we were on top of the ridge huge iceblocs of an callapsing glacier some years ago stayed infront of us and 300 meters to the right and 800 meters to the left down made the descision easy to go back and find a new and easier Route the next days. The Last hours Mike was repairing both stoves. We have one for Backup. With both there was no pressure to pump the white Gas into the burner. Now it is working and we are happy. The Big and very activ Harpers glacier, only 200 meters away send us huge avalanches every Hour. Our campsite is Save but very cold. At the Moment it is going down to -30 degrees Celsius. We hope for better weather and some Sun the next days. Good night from Denali Ich schaffe es leider nicht mehr zu übersetzen, alle Finger sind eisig, es ist ,gleich Mitternacht. Alles gut!

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