We did it!
After 12 km of pulling our 45 Kilo Pulka sledges from our last camp to Longyearbyen, the only village/city here on this amazing island we finished our expedition with one sad and one Lucky eye.
During the Last three weeks we have seen the many faces of the arctic, beginning with clouds, white outs, totally no visibillity, huge storms over days, very low temperatures Down to -50 degrees celsius and Sunshine without any cloud and no Wind.
The organisation and good shape made this adventure to a save and perfect activity and let this project become an outstanding team afford for everyone how participated.
Thanks to our restless Background Team which was an important factor to make all this happen.
Final comments: one lost Down sleeping mat, nearly every Second glove is broken, some toes are slightly frozen(but not critical), nearly all fingertips are stony, one broken cooking stove and red noses.
Eric and Mike

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